Rendering Hair With Octane In Cinema 4D

In this video, design student Dobromir Dyankov from Bulgaria teaches you the ins and outs of using Octane with Cinema 4D. He starts by showing how to render hair in a specific way for cinema4d so it looks realistic on screen!

Octane users can complete their work quickly and with ease, thanks to its streamlined workflow. Octaners also enjoy having access some of Cinema 4D’s powerful features like compositing in one app! However there are some limitations that were covered by Dobromir’s getting started tutorials – which you should watch if this sounds interesting for your project or copyright needs!

OctaneRender is a great program for hair rendering, and it can be done live with the viewer. However currently only hairstyling guides are supported in Octanes Live Viewer.

Output: With Octane Render you can create stunning hairs that will make your eyes pop out of their sockets! Make sure to use our free software which has all sorts or plug-ins (and more) ready to go when using this amazing feature on any project no matter its size or complexity.

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