Rendering Particles In Houdini With Redshift

There are a few different rendering options for when you want to create your graphics in 3D. But which one is better? The answer will depend on what kind of production-driven work process an individual does or could do with their project – but let’s take a look at them all! First up: Redshift from RenderScript fame, then there’s Octane + Houdini combo called “A Benchmark” by Rohan Dalvi where he powers through particles using both programs…

rendering particles in Houdini using both Redshift 3d and Octane render

The Redshift video walks through how to set up particle instancing for the renderer, and Rohan also shows you some of its attributes on a shader level. For both types of rendering it is important to know about motion blur effects in order bring out realistic looking shots; this part covers that topic thoroughly with examples!

The first video of a three-part series is an introduction to Redshift. For those who use Octane, there’s a section at the end on that as well!