Rendering Zbrush Models In Keyshot

In this tutorial, Riyahd Cassiem will show you the basics for exporting a Zbrush model to KeyShot. This is only one small excerpt from his larger training product that covers all of these techniques in-depth and more!

The 3D Character illustration series will get you started with posing characters, the intricacies of exporting models from ZBrush and importing them into Keyshot. Riyahd walks through an entire process for creating character variants in Zbrush created by taking on one model as reference material before moving onto poses which he creates using layer masks or transformations – all whilst maintaining his own style!

He then exports these variant versions out to make sure they look good enough; finally compositing everything together into images that are just as unique looking as what was put forth initially but much easier too because now Photoshop has been mastered by someone who knows how effective this program can be.

The workflow in the training series is what has become a standard for high-end images. This bundle from CubeBrush will show you how it’s done!