Reposition An Anchor Point In After Effects And Still Keep The Animation Path

If you ever tried to reposition an anchor point in Ae on an animated object, it’s not easy. You will often find that your position is offset and off by a few pixels or maybe even less; this usually doesn’t matter for still images but can cause problems when scaling up content like logos at small resolutions (e.g., 300 dpi). “Anchor Points: What They Do & How I Use Them?”

If there are instances where alignment needs fixing before the animation begins – such as with text placed atop another layer above its default Z-order – then try using Motion panel settings instead of individual Keyframe adjustments.”

Keyframe interpolative animation is great for moving an object in accordance with its position, but what happens when you reposition the anchor point? Instead of updating at every keyframe interval with new positions and rotisserie values determined by your changes–the default behavior if there are no other extenuating circumstances such as it being Motionpoints Pro 2018 Editions Only!-

After Effects will continue animating from where they left off. The only way around this issue would be through another piece or plugin that can take care animation Time Offset Compensationautomatically so all’s well again
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Reposition an Anchor Easily

Now you can easily reposition an anchor point in Ae and still retain the animation path. A new script offering thorough aescripts + plugins from all over is here for your convenience! With just two buttons to choose from – one with ‘Reset Point’, which will move everything back exactly where it was before clicking on it; or another set of larger targets if resetting isn’t what you want- CI Move Anchor has got everyone covered so that their work doesn’t go down without them knowing until after its too late!

The script is available as a “name your price” sale, check out the CI Move Anchor here.
Moves an anchor point in Ae without dealing with its animation path- This means that you can easily reposition any desired aspect or position on an object and have those changes take effect immediately! No need for construction-type scripts when what we’re looking at amounts to nothing more than just some simple keyframe adjustments.