Retopo Marvelous Designer Elements In Maya

Marvelous Designer Retopology Toolkit for Maya helps to build clean topology.

A new and exciting tool from Derrick Sesson, an expert in retopology for 3D designers using Autodesk Maya. The Python script offers some relief when working with Marvelous Designer elements inside of this popular animation software program.

It’s a tedious and complex task to clean up Marvelous Designer elements in Maya. A new tool from the team at Mental Ray that will help build you your perfect 3D mesh with all of those messy topologies!

Derrick Sesson.

Derrick Sesson is a skilled 3d Generalist/Facial Modeling Specialist with years of experience modeling and animating characters in the entertainment industry. He has also worked as an lead modeler, character supervisor to name just two roles on VFX films like “Guardians Of The Galaxy 2”.