Retopology in Blender Speed Retopo Addon

By Jamie Dunbar

Retopology can be a difficult task and Blender’s tools aren’t the most intuitive. In video two of this three part series, we’ll learn how to use the ‘Speed Retopo’ addon to speed up your retopology workflow.

Part 1 – Polybuild Tool:​

Use the code “free” to download the Spyro model here:​

0:00​ Introduction
045: Download Speed Retopo Addon
1:13​ Installing Speed Retopo
1:53​ Speed Retopo Settings
2:40​ Start retopologising
3:24​ Start Retopo: Vertex
5:40​ Start Retopo: Polybuild
7:54​ Start Retopo: BSurface
10:50​ Using the pie menu
13:10​ Viewport display options
14:30​ Align to X tool
15:37​ Space tool
16:35​ Relax tool
17:53​ Rebuild shrinkwrap tool
19:38​ Using Speed Retopo with the other Blender tools
20:35​ Bridge tool
21:05​ Grid fill tool
22:00​ GStretch tool – currently broken!
22:53​ Erasing BSurface lines
23:50​ Creating cylindrial topology – legs & arms
25:35​ Create eye topology
26:20​ Working with flipped normals
27:54​ Timelapse – retopologising
30:20​ Testing your retopology – Subdivision modifier
35:53​ Final thoughts

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