Reversing Things In After Effects With An Expression

Joe Clay Shows How You Can Use a Small Expression for Reversing the Direction of Trim Paths

What if you could make quick work of reversing your trim paths? This is especially perfect for Presets. Workbench’s Joe Clay says about his latest tutorial, “This can be tedious when dealing with multiple keyframes that need to reverse direction in a repetitive manner,” he notes on their blog page linked below! Instead of going through the time-consuming task each time there’s just one line equation:

I=1/2(A+B). In layman terms this will flip all changes made so left becomes right and vice versa – no more altering those pesky numbers yourself or using other programs from within After Effects…

The expression is pretty small: rev = effect(“Reverse”)(“Checkbox”);


“Reverse the direction of animation with this clever trick,” says Clay. “I would highly recommend you animate from 0-1 and multiply that value by the maximum.” Visit WorkBench TV for more tips on how to reverse your expressions in After Effects!