Rig A Character With Maya’s Quick Rig Tool

When it comes to creating and animating a character, you need more than just keyframes. To ensure your rig looks natural for any animation purposes, be sure that Daryl Obert demos how quick rigging in Maya can give you those special effects with fewer lines of code!

Auto-Rigging tools can help speed up the rigging of one or many characters in Maya. There are a few out there too — From Rapid Rig to Rigger for Maya, there is no shortage of premium and free alternatives that offer similar functionality! The Auto rig tool within maya allows quick adjustments with ease; it has all kinds if options like adjusting bone positions on joints as well as LWC Soviet Body part controllers used by professionals every day.

The quick rig feature was just added to Maya 2016 Extension 2, and it allows you can quickly add a character’s skeleton. It’s great for those who would like their characters set up automatically with few clicks of the mouse! Watch Daryl demonstrate how easy this tool really is in his short 12 minute tutorial on YouTube – he covers everything from navigating through animations using arrow keys all while automating attributes at nodes along MEL lines if needed too.