Rig and import Blender models to Clip Studio Paint! | POLYCOSM



In this “Let’s Create” tutorial, POLYCOSM shows how to use Blender and Clip Studio Paint in tandem. Designing 3D models for posable characters can be a daunting task but with both programs at your disposal it will never become too hard!

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With the “Let’s Create” series, Clip Studio Paint is introducing professional artists and their workflows in an informative tutorial format.

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0:00 Intro/Video Summary
0:36 Thumbnail Sketches
1:17 Symmetrical Ruler
1:56 Turnaround Sheet
2:09 Guide Sub-tool (Turnaround)
2:33 Perspective Ruler (Turnaround) + Final Sheet
3:00 Blocking Out The 3D Model In Blender
3:34 (Method 1) Creating The Rig + Weightpainting
4:53 (Method 2) Exporting + Clip Studio Modeller
6:29 Using Clip Studio Paint’s 3D Materials
6:57 Drawing Over The 3D Base
7:35 Cleaning Up The Lineart
7:49 Callout Drawings
8:31 Adding Colors
8:55 Adding/Creating Stickers
9:56 Finalizing The Concept Sheet
10:25 Episode Recap

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