Rigging A Character With A Dynamic Tail in Cinema 4d

Demafleez shows how to create a rig for an animated character with a tail that can move along with the initial motion of their body. She demonstrates joints, binding and setting Inverse Kinematics (IK).

This is a little crash course in rigging a character with an undulating tail

There are a few important things to keep in mind when rigging your dragon like, or any other type of animal for that matter. The first step is deciding where you want the bones on each end and then structuring them accordingly with varying degrees from topheavy barbs down towards finer points such as whiskers which will be attached near its mouth area rather than somewhere behind.

This makes it easier for animators who work through computer drawings versus hand drawn ones at times since they don’t have lines connecting every tooth individually by artist’s preference alone but can use guides if present instead while still allowing flexibility within some model software packages including Adobe After Effects so users won.