Rigging And Animating Tails And Chains In Blender

Pierrick Picaut shows an easy way to rig and animate tails, whips, and anything that requires followthrough and overlap.

With the new tutorial from Pierrick Picaut, animating tails and anything that uses followthrough is simple. For all your Blender users out there looking for a simpler way to do this animation technique in their rigs today–here you go!

Tails, Whips, and Chains Using Space Switching.

Many people are familiar with the classic overlapping animation that character’s tails often have, but it can be difficult to create. Picaut has created an easy tutorial for modifying your rig in Blender so you’re able touse space switching which will allow this type of motion without taking up too much time or effort!

About Pierrick Picaut.

Pierrick Picaut is a certified trainer and CG Director at Atypique Studio, who creates deep-dive tutorials that cover industry standard workflows in Blender. If you haven’t already check out more of his videos here!