Rolling Dice With Maya’s Exoswitch Constraint

ExoTools Shows How Easy Animating Rolling Dice is Using Their ExoSwitch Constraint System for Maya.

Every animation tool worth anything will have some semblance of a constraint system. How else can you handle picking up props, changing spaces and rolling irregularly shaped objects like cubes or dice? If you are working with Autodesk Maya – there’s an easy way to create one yourself using ExoSwitch Constraints from Exotools!

ExoSwitch is a new, easy to use multi-directional constraint system for Maya. It’s designed specially so you can handle tasks like dynamic posing and animating with ease while giving constraints in one hand without any problem at all!Exoswitch works just fine when using split transformation drivers or live offsets too – it doesn’t matter what type of input I give them because this plugin has got everything covered.

Watch how simple it is to create animation for a rolling dice using the ExoSwitch system. With just two clicks of the mouse, you can display relevant information right in your viewport!