Rtb, Blender = Assetto Corsa. Street Lights With Lines. Uv Mapping, Textures & Baking. Part 2


By Votr

Part 2 Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/clipcoat

UV mapping is an essential part of 3D modeling. To create a model with correctly mapped textures, you need to follow these steps:
A) Prepare your texture file and map it onto the corresponding faces on each axis (usually xyz). B ) Bake off any extra maps like glossiness etc., in order for them not affect other aspects such as diffuse color or specularity value within that particular coordinates space C ) Save out into JPG format D), And finally if desired connect up joints between Vertices by clicking & dragging from vertice A directly over another point along X/Y

Follow along as I try and learn to be a better creator for Assetto Corsa track modding via Race Track Builder and Blender.