Scale, Skew And Rotate For Easy Isometric Design In After Effects

Evan Abrams takes us through the process of creating isometric designs in After Effects, using nothing but Shape Layers. The term for this trick is “scale, skew androtate method” or SSR for short. Using transformations on your shapes will allow them to be scaled/sheared (skewed), which gives an interesting look when contours are skewed at different angles towards each other while retaining their original dimensions–like if you were viewing something from one side then turned around 180 degrees so that everything was upside down!

Isometric drawings are three dimensional with no perspective. This type happens to be the most popular form of Axonometry projections; there’s also Dimetric and Trimetric ones, which all offer their own unique benefits depending on what you want your drawing or model to look like (or how much information is available).

Evan walks us through how to create an isometric scene with Shape Layers, then dives into extending those principles into creating and animating a “Monument Valley” style environment that has more going on in it.