Schnapps A Great Maya Snapping Tool

Decogged Schnapps is a small, non-obtrusive snapping tool that works amazingly.

Maya users are familiar with snapping to vertex, curve or grid. The new tiny tool from Decogged called Schnapps packs a ton of power and is very good at what it does! It might be the most overpowered Maya snaping tool out there – definitely better than any other option you’ve ever tried before (though we won’t say no if your favorite still makes an appearance!).

Maya has always had some rudimentary tools for connecting vertices together but this latest innovation by developer “The team” lists them as its number one selling point: their name claims “Schnapps”. In fact ,according 2day’s tests onWowKlks they seem.

Schnapps Snapping for Maya.

The new snapping tool hosts a small panel in Maya, with one giant button for snapping. While the UI is minimalistic and straightforward to use; it’s nothing but powerful when you need all of those tools at once!

The script has all the usual snapping capabilities that you would expect to find, but then some might drop your jaw a bit. Take Snapping objects with frozen transformations – for example! You can snap zeroed transforms as if they were still there and watch in amazement as it happens before your very eyes on screen…

Schnapps Features:

  • All the usual snapping tool capabilities.
  • Snap many objects to a single object.
  • Snap to the closest point on a mesh surface, AND orient it to the face normal. Want to stick a bunch trees onto a surface? No problems.
  • Snap to objects with FROZEN transformations. Impossible? No, it’s possible.
  • Store and snap to stored values whenever you want.
  • Snap objects over the selected timeline range. Yes, that means snapping TO animated objects. Yes, it also means snapping animated objects over the selected frames to a stored position. Foot slips? No problems.
  • Multi Snap. Pair objects together, then snap pairs together. Intuitively manage pairs of objects.
  • Snap to the center of objects.
  • Snap to the pivot of objects.
  • Ability to snap only translate/rotate/scale.
  • Copy/paste one object’s transform values to another.
  • Snap one rig to another rig using Multi Snap.
  • An extensive help section, with pictures.

Schnapps is a new and improved way to work on your Maya projects. If you’re looking for more snap, then this plugin will give it all the power that’s waiting just in front of it! Learn how schnappsy works here with us at _ (name).