Sci-fi Crates – Blender Tutorials By Viewer’s Request [bod Part 1]

By RG3D – Animation studio

The use of 3D modeling, texturing and texture painting in Blender for any kind of Sci-Fi crate. This is the first part to an ongoing series called “Blender On Demand” – BOD series! For every video that I make on this topic, you can request one your models from within my comment section here:….
As said before each tutorial will include how-to steps with great explanations so please stay tuned because there’s more coming up soon!!

A sci-fi crate is a great way to show how you can use various modeling techniques like extruding and beveling. It’s also perfect for demonstrating Boolean operations such as cutting an object along two lines at once or turning it upsidedown with one sweep of the knife!

Any of your requests that will get 10 likes or more will be guaranteed a tutorial in one of the upcoming videos.

I hope you find this series helpful, I would appreciate your feedback to get my tutorials better with each part.

Save reference/textures used from the links below

Download Model from my Patreon Page for free

0:00 Intro
0:49 3d modeling
22:49 Adding materials
25:21 Texture painting
31:35 Scene setup
33:17 Adding noise bumps
34:06 Render settings/rendering
34:50 Compositing

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