Sci-fi Generated Design In Blender 2.8 Eevee Timelapse (Concept Art)

By Alex Pi

(.blend and .psd files)


Very fast 3d sketch. I’m just messing with modifiers =)

I want to show you a wonderful world of 3D graphics and concept art.

Alex Pi is a 3D designer who realized his true passion in 2018. He started with the fundamentals of designing and modeling, but quickly wanted more than what he could get from these traditional disciplines. Nowadays there are many other design fields where Alex holds an expertise: concept art, UI/UX (user interface & user experience)….

My name is Alexandra “Alex” Maria Guillemardeira de Almeida-Tavares; I was born on December 10th 1990 (23), live and work as freelance graphic designer for various companies such as Google or Amazon–I also do some freelancing abroad because those opportunities allow me to travel while meeting new people all around Europe! My current focus right now? Working within.

Used programs:
Blender 2.82, EEVEE, Cycles, Photoshop.

My friends_ArtStation:

Discovery – Scott Buckley