Sculpting a Realistic Human in Zbrush Part 1: Torso Anatomy

Sculpting a realistic human is not an easy task, especially for beginners who have little to no anatomy knowledge, so I thought I share my method of practicing anatomy, which at the same time yields a nice-looking sculpt, in this case a torso.
I start off with a skeleton and add (almost) all superficial muscles as individual subtools, before I merge everything using dynamesh and start sculpting to get a realistic look

When I create the ecorche I will talk about origin and insertion, and for some also about the function of the muscles.
However I will only cover the anatomy that I see as essential for the 3d artist, since we are not trying to pass a medical exam.

Why do I start with the skeleton?

It allows me to connect the muscles correctly, but most importantly I instantly have correct measurements for the bones. Measuring everything individually can be tedious and this is, while a bit slower, a very safe way to get realistic looking anatomy, while being a nice study that helps solidify the knowledge of the muscles origin and insertion points.

Then I merge everything together and start sculpting. I put some anatomy tips in the video at certain parts where I feel it would be beneficial to know them.

By Lukas Kutschera