SDS Modeling Excercise 01A Cinema 4D Tutorial Cinema 4D Tutorial

By wolf 3D

In this tutorial we are going to practice modeling with subdivision surfaces (SDS) using a fairly simple object as an example.

The tutorial consists of three videos:

In the first video (1A) we will create the base geometry.

In the second video (1B) we will add the control edges we need in order to hold the shape of the object under subdivision.

In the third and final video we will have a look at loops and find out how we can change them to suit our needs.

I am using a free plugin called “Magic Wedge Tool” by Nitro4D. You can download the plugin from Nitro4D’s website:…​

You won’t necessarily need the reference image I’m using in the first video, but if you want to, you can download it here:…​

Enjoy the tutorial!