Shade Smooth – Mark Sharp – Auto Smooth | Blender 2.8 & 2.79 Quicktip

By 25games

For a quick search is an timetalble here:
0:35 Shading – short introduction
1:38 Blender 2.79 – Shade smooth
2:19 Blender 2.79 – Mark Sharp
3:02 Blender 2.79 – Auto Smooth
3:47 Blender 2.79 – workflow summary
4:04 Blender 2.8 – Shade Smooth
4:44 Blender 2.8 – Mark Sharp
5:09 Blender 2.8 – Auto Smooth
5:33 – Next time

This season, the complexion is in. With all eyes on sun-kissed skin and rosy cheeks ladies across social media are making it their go to look for summer 2019! So what better time than now – with this tutorial from our team at Blenderbergs cosmetics company-to show you how easy but effective modeling functions can make anymakeup routine more fun (and dare we say: glamorous).
You’re probably thinking “selfie” when hear about shading behavior; well don’t worry because I’ve got ya covered there too

I have made this video because there are different ways to activate the function in Blender 2.79 and version 2 .8 I just want you will quickly be able too find it , so that your work is not interrupted!


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