Shapes Blendshape Editing Tool in Maya

Ingo Clemens has offered some pretty useful and free tools for Autodesk Maya, ranging from his simple PolyScatter script all the way down to a complete Render Manager in Pipeline.

A new multi-shape tool by the name of “SHAPES” is now available for use in Maya. This innovative piece will streamline your process to create and edit corrective shapes as well as blendshapes with ease, all while making things easier on you!

SHAPES is a complete blend shape editing tool designed to unify the process of creating and editing blend shapes and correctives

As you can see, SHAPES provides a “sculpt anywhere” philosophy. You’re not limited to using their products or applications – it’s easy for anyone with an internet connection and some creativity!

The company believes that no matter what software one prefers (Mudbox, Zbrush etc.), there are ways of getting the job done because they’ve made things so accessible on all fronts: ditches any need in having technical skills; gives access through devices like laptops or tablets as well as desktops since nothing happens until after user clicks ” Submit” button).

SHAPES will allow you to build new blend shapes in a posed state, even if the other blendShape targets are active. This is because SHAPES reduces technical routines needed when creating something that should rely more on creative process and helps set up driving relationships for generated results with just two clicks!