Shot Mask Creates Camera Masks In Maya

Chris Zurbrigg has released a tool for Autodesk Maya that will allow you to create custom shot masks. Shot mask scripts generate Camera Masks with frame counters and other information from any camera in your scene, which can be used as references when rendering or editing footage later on!

The Shot Mask script allows users to quickly and dynamically create a shot mask for any camera in their scene

Shot Mask’s interface is both intuitive and customizable, providing an interactive approach to creating camera masks. It also has a vast library of classes that allow you the freedom in crafting your own display information for any project!

The Shot Mask tool has a flexible layout system that allows you to control the position and size of elements. It also preserves settings between sessions, which makes it possible for users who are not accustomed with this program or script type interface will still be able make changes through their own preferred method using ShotMasks intuitive features. The output is more creative than just telling someone what he/she wants.

Shot Mask looks to be a great tool for reviewing Maya playBlasts and animation. To learn more about how it works, check out this page here!