Simplifying And Randomizing Animation Curves In Maya

Two new features are now available in Maya that will make it easier to process your animation curves. The Interactive Curve Filter, which uses some of the tools already present within Mayadenovative workflow but provides an intuitive interface allowing you interactively simplify complex shapes and data densities for processing with ease!

2 new anim UI’s designed for anybody dealing with dense baked data such as MoCap or wanting to add some random noise into anim data

The Interactive Curve Filter interface makes it more intuitive and user friendly. It also adds key noise to the animation curve data, which provides strength for controlling where on screen an effect will happen as well as setting up a time delay between each frame using this method of control with your animations! To learn about what’s going on at Red9 Studio Pack these days checkout our new interactive filter or randomizer that we’ve developed just recently here: https://rednineproductionsfxcom/new-interactive-curve.