Smart Posterizer For After Effects Automates Frame Rates

Free Smart Posterizer script lets you apply a variable and controllable time posterization in After Effects.

Is your animation on the 2’s? Or is it bouncing around? If you have an animation with a variable frame rate, things in other parts may also be at different speeds. For example textures effects and animations themselves can vary by their playback rates.

This doesn’t work well if all these differences are ignored using AE tools like Posterize Time who only consider fixed-frame count speed changes when applied to time stretching sequences created from clips imported into After Effects for this purpose – but what about odd or even numbers depending upon whether they need more frames before starting playback OR fewer final ones afterwards which would make everything go faster (slower)? Smart Posterizer takes care of both types!

A script for After Effects that automatically limits the frame rate of layers and properties to match a rendered animated source

If you want to make your animations stand out, then Smart Posterizer is the tool for you! Simply copy and paste its script into any project. It will allow users of all experience levels an easy way to create posterized versions with ease – no more tedious hours spent trying figure it out on their own or hiring expensive services like studios who do this kind of thing fulltime (and charge accordingly). You can download Ian Pinder’s free plugin at https://github/ianpindersa/SmartPoster/