Solidify Modifier Blender Tutorial – And A Little Modeling Too

By Alex McIl

Do you want to know how Blender’s Solidify Modifier works? If so, then read on! In this YouTube tutorial we will focus specifically on what it does and demonstrate when its application comes in handy. To do this I created a basic model with some sub-divide surfaces which can be used as an example for other types of modeling work or just playing around online.

The Solidify Modifier is a great way to give your model the illusion of being solid. It works well in tandem with other Blender modifiers, such as Sub-Divide and Weld This feature can be applied when you want an object that could otherwise just have holes because it’s missing its outline or if one section needs more thickness than another part does for example around corners where there’s design features going from thick near middle but thinning out towards outer edges so they’ll blend in nicely without looking awkward – these types things often require both forced perspective techniques like using Loft setting along side some manual work too.