Solving Common Compositing Tasks In Nuke

Do you feel like your knowledge in Nuke is lacking? You’re not alone. Working within a node based editor can be tough if we’re coming from an After Effects background, where everything was done with layers and effects plugins.

Joe Raasch has a multipart series that shows common compositing tasks in Nuke. The videos cover vital VFX work and challenges you would face as a professional, including screen replacements, brand and logo replacements with blood splatter or facial bruising! You can download Joe’s assets for free at EditStock: www.editstockonline/nuke.

Joe Raasch is a veteran compositor, experienced Nuke Artist and certified trainer. He has been working in the film industry for over 20 years as he coordinates the VFX program at Seneca College where students can learn how to use this amazingly powerful software package called “NUKE”.