Solving The “disappearing” Boolean Problem In Maya

The latest version of Maya, which is the 2014 extension release has added a new and robust library for faster booleans on polygons. The enhanced Carve Library helps make various Boolean operations in maya work better than ever before!

Solution to be able to use the Booleans Tool in Maya when all the objects disappearsFrederico S

If you’re not using the Maya 2014 extension release, booleans are still pretty much useless. Booleans often generate errors or disappear entirely from viewports when creating them in any version of maya before 2016. Depending on what type objects there were with how many faces they had it could get different results- some needed subdivision added into both objects while others fixed their problem simply by adding subdivisions onto just one object alone!

If I am understanding correctly: If however ,you aren’t utilizing a new feature introduced last year called boolean s then things become more complicated than ever.

When working with shapes that are complex and don’t have straight edges, you may run into some difficulty when doing boolean operations. Frederico S came up with a quick dirty solution for this problem by extracting the face of an object which will receive its booleness making it easier to handle in Maya’s calculation process while still being able cross stitch back onto original shape after completion!