Solving The Gimbal Lock Problem In Character Rigs

Kasper Larsson is an expert in tackling any crane or gimbal lock problem with his creative solutions. He gives you the best chance by ordering your rotations correctly, so check out this video for some helpful advice!

Technical and Rigging Artist Kasper Larsson covers how you can avoid gimbal lock in your rigging work, ultimately making it easier for animators to animate. If I told ya, wouldn’t have been able to?? Don’t know what a “gimbaled” rig looks like? You will unquestionably do when they show this animation of one that has come apart due its inability or even refusal (depending on who’s doing the telling) at staying fixed while being moved around frame by frame during film production!

In this article, Larsson shows how a simple thing like rotation order can solve the problem in a percentage of cases. “Most of the time I try to leave my gimbal’s rotations as much standardized for them when possible,” says Kasper ‘but it happens from time-to -time that you might be able help an animator by changing these small things’. It may just sound one setting but knowing what features need attention is essential if we want others’ workflows improved too!