Squash And Stretch In After Effects Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Thanks to Mamoworld, you can now instantaneously add squash and stretchy animations from a library of handcrafted behaviors.

Mamoworld’s tagline is “Simplify your CGI,” and with their new tool, they have done just that. Squash & Stretch lets you add animated behaviors to your work with a click of the button!

Squash and stretch is a term used in animation to describe the way that objects move. It can be difficult, but with Mamoworld’s Squash & Stretch tool it becomes simple enough for anyone who has access to After Effects!

Squash and Stretch is a time-saver that provides you with ready to use behaviors, carefully crafted by professionals. The intelligent system controls it all!

Now you can choose from a library of handcrafted behaviors and apply them instantly wherever you need them. The After Effects tool will allow for quick keyframe adjustments that are easy to edit, alter or modify animations quickly when needed – all without having multiple files open in different programs!

You can adjust the settings for your animation before applying them to a scene. The tool even enables you instantly add sound effects so all animations have an interesting soundtrack! There’s a free and pro version of this program, but we recommend that if there are more than two people working on projects at once then everyone should buy into Animoto officially because otherwise someone will just pirate it from one person who did get access beforehand (pirated copies often come with added features).

Squash & Stretch Free is great for stretching your muscles. However, if you want an even more complete range of motion with less risk of injury then Pro Version may be the better choice!

  • more behaviors (over 60 included)
  • more sound effects (over 350 included)
  • can be extended with additional behavior bundles
  • toolbar includes a full version of the TextExploder extension.

Visit aescripts + aeplugins to learn more about Mamoworld’s Squash & Stretch.