Stabilizing For Rotoscoping Workflow In After Effects

Lyndon Alvarez with an AEtuts tutorial on the importance of stabilizing your footage in order to create a smoother rotoscope process. While filming, you must use tools like camcorders that have built-in stabilization features or post production software which will help make smooth video Takes easier by reversing any jittery movements when editing later on!

“In this tutorial, we will be taking some necessary steps to stabilize our footage so that the rotoscoping process becomes much easier. After stabilized and with AE’s built-in motion blur applied in post production, you can composite your 3D text into an already existing background or foreground.”

“To do this,” I begin as my voiceover starts up again “we need only attach one camera per fixed point on screen which is adjusted for perfect balance between weight distribution over time period desired by editor/director (such as 10 seconds). This way there won’t ever happen.