Stroke-it For Houdini Gets New Autotrace Feature

Will MacNeil’s Houdini Asset now can convert images into 3D paint strokes

Stroke-It is a Houdini Asset that can create realistic paint strokes. The 3D depth makes it feel more real than traditional 2d oil paintings, and the company offers tutorials for beginners to learn how they work!

A really cool new app called Stroke It lets you turn your phone into an interactive paintingbrush without having any art experience whatsoever – just follow their easy instructions on creating beautiful brushstrokes using live video streaming via Facebook Messenger channel or WhatsApp thread chat rooms where viewers interact with one another while watching someone else make whatever kind of masterpiece he/she desires from beginning until end .

Stroke-It 3D Paint Stokes

The Stroke-it paint tool is designed to simulate the look of oil paintings. With intuitive controls, it can create realistic looking brushstrokes that curve around corners and follow curves drawn by the user.

Autotrace Anything

A new update to Stroke-It offers an auto trace feature. With the help of this innovative tool, anyone can easily convert images into paintings with just one click! It’s like magic in your computer screen and only takes seconds for it all happen – not bad when you think about how long some people spend working on their artistry skills…

A free upgrade is available but MacNeil notes “please keep earlier installs in case there are compatibility issues.”

Stroke-It Availability

The Houdini Scene stroke-it is now available on Gumroad! Featuring: A transformable robot character, two environments with particle effects and volumetric smoke sims.

About Will MacNeil

Will MacNeil is a 3D artist and CG Design Director at The Mill in London. Will’s career spans work for feature films, documentaries, advertising applications ,and experiential . Among his many mistakes he decided to pickup skateboarding after 40 years old.

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