Studying Weight, Arcs, And Timing, For A Jump Animation

Animator Tracey Strong Offers Some Nice Insights Into the Fundamentals for Animating a Simple Jump Animation

Tracey Strong’s blog post, “The Mechanics of a Character Jump Animation,” presents an in-depth look into the mechanics and tricks behind creating effective jump animations. If you’re new or just starting out as an animator working with traditional 2D animation styles like Disney Cartoons then this article will be invaluable for learning how to create convincing character movement!

Tracey says, “I wanted to talk about how I would think about this kind of thing. Thinking about weight and arcs in animation as well as timing- all those super useful fundamentals that you need for any type of digital art platform.” Stylus Rumble (Tracey’s Youtube channel) covers Toon Boom’ing but there are many tips & tricks not just with her own software she can teach us principles mechanics too!

If you want to make your own animations, but are not quite sure where start or how it all works; I recommend using Toon Boom beans. There’s an easy-to-follow tutorial on their website that will get anyone through the process in no time at all!