Substance Designer 6 Can Process Photos Into Scanned Materials

Allegorithmic has been a force to be reckoned with in the world of texturing, and their latest announcement doesn’t disappoint.

Allegorithmic has recently released a new version of Substance Designer, which includes scan processing nodes to create accurate materials from pre-lit photos.

To create accurate materials from photos, all you need is a camera and tripod. Then use the light source of your choice as well as 4 – 8 snapshots that vary in angle for scanning into Substance Designer 6!

The system goes to work and extracts a detailed normal map (or height), albedo, roughness. You can then use the new Smart Auto Tile node for seamless tiling of your model materials with all channels intact! The analyzes features in each channel so that cutting is avoided when stitching everything together – no more seams now!.

Sub- Substance Designer 6 has a wealth of new features, including an all-new curve and text node. There are also some bakers included with this update that will help you craft effects in seconds! You can learn more about these amazing tools here or by watching our live stream replay where I discuss them at length!