Substance Painter To Maya Arnold 5 Script

Mostafa Samir’s Free Substance Painter to Maya Script Gets an Update For Arnold 5

One of the most tedious tasks in a shading network is bringing all your materials and corresponding maps together. Why struggle with hundreds or even just a few dozen nodes when you can have Arnold 5 do that for you?

The best way to work efficiently on complex projects like these would be by using two different programs: Maya, which handles everything relating from lighting effects through rendering out images at any resolution desired; along side another program called Substance Painter if creating textures themselves instead being reliant solely upon other people’s done art assets from various sources online.

Thanks to Mostafa Samir, the process has become somewhat automated with his Substance Painter Importer script for Maya. That is a tool that can load textures and material parameters from Substratue painter right in maya .It also supports multiple materials and UDIM workflow.

The latest update to the script is by Highend3D user, teddude75. The update makes it work with Maya 2018 and Arnold 5 presets in addition to older versions of these Softimage products that required different naming formats for compatibility reasons (object_shaderGroup_Diffuse(channel). If you’re using FBX files from substances then export your texture without any additional tagging).

The free Arnold 5 Maya tool is available to download here.