Super Lines In After Effects Lets You Easily Create Complex Line Animations

Do you need a way to make your videos pop? You can now create animations for transitions and mo-graph bits using this new effects script.

After Effects is great for creating line animations through shape layers and animators. When time (and budget) aren’t factors, it can be difficult to create elements from scratch without the luxury of having them done already made – but fear not! Superlines offers an option that allows you quickly build in-demand frames with just a few clicks of your mouse.

When working Motion Designers who don’t always have enough hours on their hands or dollars at hand waiting around while we wait out our deadlines; seeing as how there’s no point wasting valuable resources making something then discarding later if not used right away…I figured why couldn’t I take advantage.

The script lets you create Smoot-looking animations with ease. It can quickly be used for transitions, lettering and more! You have two type of lines available – an abstract style or a cartoonish one. The extra options within this tool will give virtually unlimited variations that are all created using shape layers in After Effects which gives users access to many useful tools such as motion tracking markers when they need them most.

Super Lines is an online course that will teach you about the ins and outs of immigration law. It’s available at $25 for now, but don’t worry because after October 6th it’ll be 30% off! Learn more here