Sushi Bento Offers An Alternative Maya Portable Shelf

David Su wanted to find an easy way of carrying his custom Maya Shelves around with him, without touching the Pref file. The result? Sushi Bento! A small and easy-to use Portable Shelf for all your portable needs… well almost anything you might need in a bendedo box anyways ;).

After an extensive search, David finally found the perfect tool for his needs. “It had to allow me to place it anywhere from my desktop and USB drives,” he said; also important was being able simulate Maya’s user interface with its ability save preferences like shelf buttons or scene layouts.

Sushi Bento is the answer to your portable needs, it’s easy to run and no matter where you are.

Maya’s shelf tool is not quite powerful enough to completely replace Maya’s custom shelf, but it does offer some very unique features that will be useful for various parts of the pipeline. Check out David Bergman’s post on Sushi Bento and its relation with Mayaa here!

Sushi Bento will be available soon.