The Easiest Way To Create Lip-sync In After Effects

Motion Design School shows a simple way to create lip-sync animation in After Effects.

Lip-sync animation is a type of effect in which the characters’ mouths move to make them sound like they’re talking. There’s not one specific way you should do this, but many people use standard software such as Adobe After Effects and Motion Design School has created an easy tutorial that shows beginners how it can be done quickly with simple tools available from within their program!

It takes some time before anyone gets used working on 3D models for animations because there are so many different programs out there making things difficult when trying figure everything out at once., But don’t worry: Our friend “Mo” over at DMDS just made all our lives easier by compiling.

“In this short video, we are showing one of the easiest ways to create lip-sync in After Effects. The method requires no plugins or scripts and uses Ae’s Time Remapping tool with a controller for selecting poses between two different versions – one saved onto your computer as well as another externally linked file.”