The Fundamentals Of Tracking In Bmd Fusion

Tracking a shot in the past used to be all dark arts. Today, there are lots of solutions for tracking really well and from After Effects’ one-click camera tracker as well as The Foundry’s guided camera trackers or Mocha Ae & MCP; Tracking went from being fully elusive (invisibly) down into partly visible territory with some software having more features than others but they all provide guidance on how best move your footage around during post-production without hiring expensive animators who can do this work much quicker by hand.

Behold: Fusion – A new type of video editing app built exclusively upon AI technology designed specifically towards motion graphics artists.

A shot that has well-defined, flat surfaces such as buildings is where a planar tracker would really shine. Instead of looking for pixels in an image with respect to its content, there are entire patterns that can be scanned and analyzed by these types of detectors making them great at removing signs or replacing them altogether!

Rob Redman from Pariah Studios, walks through the process of tracking a shot with BMD Fusion. Rob uses his standard practice in visual effects shots and tracks to replace or augment some signage on building for this example.