The Kernimator, Kern Type In Cinema 4D

Kerning text has been challenging not just in Cinema 4D, but any 3D application with good reason… its a 3-dimensional program! Enter Kernimator for cinema4d which allows you to kern up to 26 characters on one line of type. The plugin is controlled via Xpresso and requires some user input; it’s designed by moGraph objects that can create multiline typesetting through custom character widths orkeried together using different styles according to preference.

Kernimator How-To from Ryan Donahue on Vimeo.

“The Kernimator allows you to kern up to 26 characters on a single line of type. You can spec the font, size, z-depth, and basic rounded fillet cap options for your text, just like you can using the regular MoGraph Text Object.”