The Key To Clean Stencils In 3D-coat

You can get cleaner edges on your stencils and alpha selections in 3D-Coat if you use the hidden feature.

3D-Coat has a wide variety of stencils that you can use for both sculpting and painting. You might have found when you do, the edges may not always be perfect– but there’s an easy fix!

In a world of digital art, the most important thing is to have clean edges. That’s why I was excited when Anton Tenitsky shared his tip with me on how we can make them even cleaner! He says that if you blur your favorite editing program in 3DCoat and then view it through Blur for Photoshop or another similar service (it varies depending what software package you use), this will give our designs an additional level of refinement – making everything appear much more polished without having any sacrifice in detail whatsoever.