The (Lost) Art Of Nurbs Modeling, Volume 1

The VFX Artist, Rusty Hazelden has a great 5-part series on NURBS Modeling in Maya.

Polygons are a popular tool in the VFX industry, but NURBS have their niche. Polygon modeling offers more flexibility with characters and hard-surface models; this is why they’re still widely accepted by professionals like you!

NURBS are a lot of fun. They let you make complex surfaces with ease, animate extrudes for effects like wind or water waves in 3D graphics software packages such as Maya (powered by Autodesk), and never have toUV anything because they’re not UV mapped!
The Art Of Nurb Modeling – Volume 1 provides an introduction into the powerful modeling tools available when working on nurbs objects in AutoDesk’s award-winning game engine that will help take your skills higher than ever before possible while learning some tips along the way too.

The Art of NURBS Modeling Volume 1

Welcome to the exciting world of NURBS modeling! Learn how to create models that can be animated, imported into other 3D applications and created using only Maya.

Watch the Maya tutorial series today on the Rusty Hazelden YouTube Channel

NURBS is short for Non-Uniform Rational Bsplines. It’s a modeling technique that allows you to create highly detailed models with hard surfaces and complex shapes, like hurricanes lanterns! In this tutorial we’ll explore how NURBS works by creating our own surface from curves using the following tools: loft extrude revolve planar .

A NURBS surface is only as good as its underlying curves, and this tutorial series provides an in-depth look at curve creation techniques that will help you create better models. Learn numerous tips for efficient modeling using Nurbs surfaces including how to keep objects organized with display layers while saving time on model editing; discovering many new ways of creating accurate scale models by reference images–and much more!

About Rusty

The world of visual effects is a complicated one, with many tools and techniques to create the desired effect. One such artist who has made it their mission to make these complex processes easier for others are Rusty Hazelden – check out his website or YouTube channel if you’re interested in learning more!