The Ultimate Blender Tutorial List (Best Blender Tutorial Channels 2020)

By Daniel Krafft

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“Welcome to the ultimate Blender tutorial guide! In this video, I’ll show you some of my favorite channels that are worth subscribing too in 2020. This is a wayfinder and celebration for all those who have learned about or make use of 3D modeling software as well.”

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1:02: Blender Guru
Blender Guru:
1:39: Blender Official
Blender YT:
2:04: CG Geek
CG Geek:
2:34: Ducky 3D
Ducky 3D:
3:00: Gleb Alexandrov and CG Masters
CG Masters:
3:31: Grant Abbitt
4:02: Ian Hubert
4:20: Speed Round
CGMatter (Comment Mention):
Blender NPR (Comment Mention):
Level Pixel Level (Comment Mention):
Curtis Holt:
Remington Creative:
Polygon Runway:
CG Boost:
Mr. Sorbias:
Blender Binge:
Southern Shotty:
5:41: Blender Nation
5:58: Facebook, Reddit, Discord
6:28: Udemy
7:04: Skillshare
7:29 CG Cookie
8:06: Blender Market
8:27: CG Masters Car Creation
8:47: Creative Shrimp Hard Surface Modeling
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Video by Daniel Krafft