Three Maya Tips For Working With Textures In Hypershade

Daryl Obert has some great tips for better working with texture in Maya. He reminds us all that you can drag and drop single file or multiple items into the Hypershade window, which is especially helpful when trying to work on large projects with thousands of textures!

Setting and placing textures directly into the file node in Hypershade is a time consuming task. Dragging files from your desktop all of a sudden makes it easier, because not only do they get loaded up but Maya will automatically create associations with nodes for you too!
I am going to change my set-up so that I don’t have any more headache caused by trying find an open slot on one single texture sorting layer while managing multiple ones at once In Figure 1 below you can see how many slots there are available after deleting some unwanted entries from previous setups:

A couple of tips to help you work quickly in Maya

Daryl Obert –

Maya doesn’t display a thumbnail swatch for the node you are working with in Hypershade, but don’t worry. This is by design and it will prevent Maya from generating these high-resolution images that would take up all your hard drive space! Textures, shaders or image files should conform to setting in preferences which prevents this issue from happening–it’s worth checking if yours does before buying something expensive just so there aren’t any surprises when installing new software on top of an old one like Adobe After Effects (which often occurs).

One last thing, you can also change the thumbnail on demand by simply generating one for each item. This is done with a right-click of an already selected swatch in maya preferences and choosing refresh thumbprint from within marking menu…

One more tip I’d like to share involves drag & drop functionality when working inside Maya Viewport — if we have files that arent associated exclusively forexternal plug ins or script libraries (as several plugins tend do), once Dragged To Us viewports will open up automatically allowing us access inventory just as quickly!