Time Remapping Workflows In After Effects And Premiere

Kevin Gater gives out a great overview for working with time remapping in both After Effects and Adobe Premiere, equally. He also discusses dynamic linking between applications so that you can map movements from one program over to another without having any large gaps or transitions where your video will be silent while it’s being loaded up by its stand-alone counterpart – this is useful if there are quick cuts involved!

If you’re looking to speed up or slow down your footage, today we’ll explore how it’s done in two different programs. First using Premiere and then jumping over with Dynamic Link for After Effects where there are even more options!

In this video, Kevin goes over the workflow for creating time remapped footage using Dynamic Linking in Premiere and After Effects. He shows how these two applications can work together with each having its own strengths to make a better result than what is possible by only doing one or the other alone. Check out his tutorial onUsing Dynamic Links here!