Tips For Animating A Tail Using Follow Through And Overlap

Chiara Porri Shows How to Put the Animation Concepts of Follow Through and Overlap Into Practice

Animator Chiara Porri shows how to make an animation that has a tail on it. You can use the principles of follow-through and overlap for this technique, which will help you create more realistic movements in your own work!

Animating a tail is no easy task, but with Chiara’s tips and tricks you can make it look like an amateur. She shows how she approaches creating time-tested animations for beginners in this fundamentals tutorial on Follow Through & Overlap principles that are guaranteed to give even more insight into the world of dragon animation as practical example!

Chiara Porri is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the world of animation. Her site, I Want To Be An Animator teaches you everything there’s ever wanted know-like how do they make those amazing movies? What does it take in order become an animator? And why would someone want that job anyway?!
The answer may surprise you!