Tips For Creating Pixel Art Animation In Photoshop

After stumbling upon two beautiful pixel art animations, I found this overview of how to create your own in Photoshop.

There are some great tips in this tutorial for not only animation pixel art, but also creating the pixels themselves.

Tired of the same old pixel art animation process? Check out this quick walkthrough and overview for a new approach.
A team at Tiny “Not Quite Black and White,” an independent games company founded by Chris Rafferty and Romano Valerio in production on their first game endeavor shares what they know about creating these animations to make them stand out from others in terms or style, creativity, quality etc., including when it comes time take advantage of tools like Unity3D!

You will learn how to draw and animate pixel art in this video tutorial. It’s not quite black and white, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be simple!

As a designer, you may have seen the different sorts of beasts within Photoshop. Animating in this program is not an easy task but it’s doable with practice and patience!

The word “beast” may seem like a negative given how challenging working on animations can be – however for some people who love complex tasks such as pixel art design or motion graphics workflows are often needed if they want their project finished fast enough without sacrificing quality too much.

Working in larger scale helps the workflow for creating pixel art animations. As each layer will represent a new frame, it is simple enough to just work with the layers and draw out what you want as quick sketches from memory without having everything setup ahead of time! Once completed, set those same positions so they show through below by setting all but one layer’s Transparency Bar at 0% or hidden if preferred- this provides reference when drawing based off last pose which can be handy during production since mistakes won’t have been committed yet 🙂

Working with the Photoshop layers in this way is like an artist’s canvas. You’re able to add more frames by breaking down between poses, or remove them and get rid of your work if you want!

Some great examples of Pixel Art Animation

Animation enthusiasts will be excited to know that two great animated gifs are available for download on Dusan Cezek’s website. The first animation, “Pixelwood: Indiana Jones’ Adventure Part 1 – Raiders of the Lost Ark (Opening Scene)” was created in tribute to Raiders of the Lost Ark’s opening scene and features our favorite archaeologist adventurer Indy riding his bicycle across sand Dwars through an Egyptian temple!

Dusan has created a series for comic heroes in the form of pixel art. “Pixelomics”

Dusán’s new venture is an exciting one that will be sure to excite any fanboy or fangirl! He began with creating an animated, pixelated tribute video showcasing his favorite character from this past year; Captain America: Civil War (2016).