Tips For Hand Animating Slime And Goop Effects

Tracey Strong Offers Some Tips and Approaches for Animating Viscous Slime and Goop Effects.

Stylus Rumble’s Tracey Strong has a look at some approaches for hand-animating goop effects, slime or any viscous liquid. Although initially it may seem daunting to create these types of disorders in your animation workflow but you can use the same properties that are needed when animating cloth like drapery and drapes studies says “When thinking about how best to render out this type if stuff its really helpful just remember what we’re working with here; It doesn’t need anything too complicated.”

StylusRumble’sTraceys STRong shares her tips on creating organic looking substances using different kinds off fluid similie . She describes them as kindof blobs moving around over time which makes sense given.

Tracey fully embraces her roots and traditional animation in creating tutorials for Toon Boom Harmony. If you’re looking to do more with fire or dust effects, be sure not miss out on any of these past productions where Tracey showed how it’s done!