Tips For Working With Smart Bones In Moho

Tips for using SMartbones in Moho that Mitch shared with me when I interviewed him.

Smart bones in Moho allow you to control scene elements by using a “dial” metaphor. Rotating the smart bone will affect something else in your scene, which can be set with whatever parameters one desires – for example lipsync or head turns; it’s up (and down)to us what goes on there! The question isn’t so much about how much this system does but rather should we let them? According to Youtube Star Mitch-no not too much at all…

SmartBones allows users of any skill level create special effect animations through simple controls that are easy enough even beginners can learn quickly due its intuitive interface style.

Smart-bones are a great way to create complex rigs and edit them with ease. In this tutorial, we’ll walk through some tips for working smart bones in Moho 12! Have a look at previous tutorials that show how to make controllers like the ones made by Tony Picou or Mitch himself – one on creating your own controller (from scratch) and another which helps fix those pesky rig controls from being too complicated.