Tips For Working With The Wedge Tool In Maya

In this short video, Malcolm Andrieshyn shows how the wedge tool can be more easily used in Maya

In the past, I had never used Maya’s Wedge Tool. Every time that it came up in a workflow and saved me from doing something wrong or tedious was a pleasant surprise! But now with new updates to this tool making it more flexible than ever before there are some tricky aspects too be conscious of when using this thing on your videos.

The Maya Wedge is a tricky instrument

In this tutorial, watch as a Maya guru breaks down how to use the Wedge Tool in order for you can quickly get desired results. The first step requires two selections looking at face and edge which will then help layout geometry of your wierd shape that is being created by using construction objects when necessary- all within just one video!

In the video, Malcolm makes extra extrudes from faces against construction objects. It might be easier to do this by first making edges — then you can easily get back your original shape!

A Better Wedge That’s Also Free

If you’re looking for a more interactive and engaging editing experience, try Klaudio Ladavac’s Wedge Tool. It features an intuitive user interface that will make your workflow easier than ever before!

Maya has been around since the early 2000s but her older sister is still desirable as many professionals feel like they’ve outgrown this software with its limitations on what can be done in such small windows of time (1 second). That said if we’re talking about paying homage then there are other options available which include one called ‘Klaudio’.