Tips To Overcome Bad Tracking In Resolve

Darren Mostyn shares some of his pro tips for getting better tracking in Resolve.

Fusion and Resolve both have great tracking technology embedded, but it’s not perfect. There will come a time when you get less than optimal tracks in your work – depending on the type of footage used for each project! Check out this new tutorial from Darren Mostyn about fixing bad tracked with Resolve:….

Fusion has some seriously cool features like Track Focus Points as well as automatic track generation from shaky video or audio clips which is really helpful if those are things we don’t want to spend hours manually setting up ourselves by dragging points around onto our timeline (though sometimes manual editing can indeed beat auto-whatever).

“Tracking in Resolve can sometimes cause problems. I have found a few tips to get good results when your shot has bad tracking!”

About Darren Mostyn.

Darren Mostyn is a Senior Colourist and founder of Online Creative post facility in the UK – established 1999. He has worked on many high profile projects, such as Dr Who’s regeneration sequence for television; The Great Gatsby with director Baz Luhrmann (The Catherine Tate Show); plus various music videos including MTV Unplugged by Pink Floyd
M Dash to name just!